Bhagat Puran Singh School for the Deaf

Our Basic Education

  1.  Curriculum tailor made for the deaf students.
  2.   Dedicated teachers.
  3.   More focus on instructional time and energy on reading and writing
  4.   Regular assessments to monitor the progress of the students and modify teaching methodology.
  5.   Good literature for the children to read.
  6.   More time on direct instruction of English language and reading skills.
  7.   Conversations with students in Indian Sign Language (ISL) socially and in Academic contexts.
  8.   Development of bilingual programs (ISL as the first language, English/Punjabi as the second).


Empower deaf children to be self-dependent in their lives.
To achieve this free education is being provided to the deaf children from Pre-nursery class to 10th standard. In addition following steps are being taken:

  1.   Development of a curriculum specially tailored to the needs of the deaf children.
  2.   Sign Language is to be the first language of the deaf children.
  3.   Extensive speech and audiology training is required for the deaf children.
  4.   Parents and families of the deaf children are required to be educated for to maximize the development of the deaf children.
  5.   Provision of an environment where the children learn naturally.
  6.   Good qualified&dedicated teachers to help and guide the students.
  7.   Provide help and guidance to the students to become self-directed independent learners.
  8.   Special attention to students who are academically lower achievers.
  9.   Provide social and communication skills for them to become effective productive and contributing members of the society.
  10.   We believe that all students supported by the families, teachers and the learning environment can learn, achieve and succeed.

Teaching Methods

BPSSD firmly believes that the deaf cannot be empowered unless they have a good language base. With the help of the language the students are enabled to thoroughly understand their environment and become independent and positive contributors to the society.
Number of Students
The number of students in each class is restricted to 10. Accordingly we have 11 teachers for 90 students.

School Admission
Preference is given to the deaf children from the weaker sections of the society.Each child on admission is assessed for his capabilities and accordingly placed in the suitable class.

The student are assessed every month for their performance to modify or regulate their training. The weaker students are planned for extra coaching.

There are separate hostels for the boys and the girls. The seats availability is very limited.

There is no tuition fee. The entire education is free.

BPSSD Student Outcomes

I.  Acquire essential knowledge and skills in Language, Mathematics, Science, the Arts, Economics, Health, Physical Education, Technology, Life Skills, and Social Studies and Deaf Studies. He should be able to apply them in, planning and carrying out complex projects.

II.  Achieve the best possible standards in communicating with the deaf and the hearing people.

III. Become creative, and reflective thinkers, decision makers, and problem solvers who can effectively cooperate and collaborate to achieve common goals in life situations and work situations under different environments.

IV. Display emotional intelligence through a positive attitude, respect, and healthy patterns of behavior toward themselves and others.

V. Develop a life plan based on own capabilities, expectations and experience.

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